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“It’s the end of Trump’s presidency”, Explains Watergate Veteran, If Gates Gives Testimony Showing Manafort Acted with Trump’s Blessings

Although each of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s recent moves suggest he just wants to get to the truth of the Russia scandal and bring the guilty parties to justice along the way, all signs seem to indicate the ultimate byproduct is that Donald Trump could soon be removed from office.

Even Watergate veteran John Dean is buying into that notion, and believes Trump’s presidency is in fact nearing its end.

In case you missed it, one of Mueller’s most recent moves involves a plea deal cut with former Trump campaign vice chairman Rick Gates, who is set to testify about the actions of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

First and foremost, this is about bringing Gates and Manafort to justice, but ultimately, Manafort could be the cog in it all. Just think about it. With his cooperation, Trump could be taken down once and for all. According to Dean, however, based on the rate at which things are heating up with Gates, Mueller may not even need Manafort’s cooperation.

According to Dean via his twitter account, “Mueller is throwing everything he can against Manafort, including Gates who can nail him. Increasingly it appears Manafort is the link to Russian collusion. If Gates can testify that Manafort was acting with Trump’s blessings, it’s the end of his presidency. That’s substantial.”

Based on the severity of Rick Gates’ crimes, the plea deal Mueller is cutting him seems to be pretty lenient. And if you read between the lines here, this suggests that Gates could have testimony and evidence that Mueller considers crucial.

While some seem to believe all of this will go away if Donald Trump pardons everyone, Dean seems to disagree, saying, “A number of folks have expressed concern in this Manafort thread that Trump will pardon him. Many of the counts in both the VA and DC indictments have state law counterparts that can be charged in NY and VA, where Trump had no pardon power. Checkmate is coming for Paul Manafort.”

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