Ivanka and Donald Just Got Embarrassed on Live TV After Attacking Hillary on Child Care

Ivanka Trump took a break from her online shoe sales to help her father, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, roll out his new Child Care plan. For some reason, Trump sent her out there to tell lies and present herself as woefully uninformed on the issue.

We’re assuming that reason is simply genetics, as lying and being woefully uninformed is her father’s MO too.

The plan was really a non-solution serving nothing as more than a platform to blast opponent Hillary Clinton on this issue that affects millions of single parents in America.   The only problem with that is that Hillary Clinton laid out her actual plan for this issue before she even announced her candidacy for president.  In fact, Hillary has been advocating for her agenda in this arena for decades.

Clinton immediately called out Ivanka for the lies and misinformation. Her plan is light years ahead of Trump’s, in that a) it exists, and b) it dwarfs Trump’s in terms of benefits and offers actual solutions on how to pay for it.

Watch the video of the Trump takedown here…

Here is the interview where Ivanka makes a total fool of herself…

Ivanka, just worry about your shoes. You’re out of your league here.

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