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Ivanka Trump Now Implicated in Russia Scandal

Well, that happened faster than we thought. We told you a few days ago that Ivanka would be next in line for collusion with Russia and she has now been implicated in the Russian scandal along side her father, husband, and brother. Representative Don Beyer released a lengthy case via Twitter concerning the crimes Ivanka Trump has committed along the way.

“Jared Kushner’s updates to his security clearance form related to this Russia meeting raise new questions about his wife, Ivanka Trump. That form, the SF-86, which I completed for a diplomatic post in the Obama Administration, contains directions which we must now consider. The SF-86 requires declaration of all foreign contacts by the clearance holder “or your spouse.” Ivanka Trump’s spouse is Jared Kushner. When Ivanka Trump received her top secret security clearance and filled out an SF-86, Kushner’s contacts mattered. Kushner updated his SF-86 3 times, most recently to include the June 2016 meeting w/ Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya.”

Ivanka filled out her form at the same time as her husband. The form requires you to list all foreign contacts or your spouses contacts. Kushner has now updated his security clearance form three times. Ivanka has not as far as we know. Partner that with her shady business dealings with her brother and there’s no way Ivanka is innocent.

It’s impossible that Ivanka wasn’t part of a plot between her husband, brother, and father to collude with Russia during the election. Ivanka stands beside her father more than the First Lady, and even sits in his chair when he’s not in it. She is always there listening, participating and supporting the shenanigans of these men. She’s involved, no question about it.

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