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Ivanka Trump Now Under Investigation for Russian Business Ties, Among Others

According to new reports, Ivanka Trump is now under investigation for her foreign business connections. The number of people in Donald Trump’s circle that he’s going to bring down with him seems to be growing by the day, which includes members of his own family. Donald Trump, Eric Trump, and Jared Kushner are now all under investigation, who are now joined by one Ivanka Trump.

Scott Dworkin, with the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, has just launched an investigation into Ivanka Trump for her “Russian, Chinese, African & Middle Eastern biz ties”. The group isn’t giving away any details just yet, as they do not want to tip their hand too soon with what they have found.

If you’ll recall, activists mysteriously disappeared all of sudden when they were investigating the overseas factories that Ivanka Trump uses to produce her products.

The Palmer Reports points out,

This comes just days after Special Counsel Robert Mueller was confirmed to be investigating Donald Trump for obstruction of justice in relation to his firing of FBI Director James Comey, as well as investigating Ivanka Trump’s husband Jared Kushner for potential financial ties to Russian banks. It was also revealed this week that the State Attorney General of New York is investigating Eric Trump’s charity, which Donald Trump appears to have been abusing in a for-profit manner. Donald Trump Junior is not known to be under investigation, but he did slip up this week and admit that Comey was telling the truth about the circumstances of his firing.

It has been speculated that Donald Trump may be willing to preemptively resign to protect his own children from being taken down by investigations into their businesses. Now that most of the key family  members are being investigated, we will have to wait and see how Trump decides to play it.

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