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Jared Kushner Outs His Father-in-law For Lie About Trump Jr./Russian Lawyer Meeting

The New York Times reported Trump’s own lawyers think Kushner is trying to purposely sabotage him, and now we find out that Kushner knew about the Trump Jr. meeting with Russia. Apparently, Kusher told President Trump about it long before we found out.

Trump Jr.’s meeting with the Russians was no shock to Trump Senior, despite his insistence that he just found out about the meeting a few days before we did. He is trying to distance himself from his son, but the New York Times is one step ahead of him as usual. They are reporting that Kushner told Trump Senior about the meeting when he reworked his lie infested security clearance forms back in late May/early June. The New York Times Reported:

The latest disclosures also focused renewed attention on Mr. Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, who attended Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting last June with the Russian, Natalia Veselnitskaya. […]

Also under scrutiny is how forthcoming Mr. Kushner was with his father-in-law about the nature of the June meeting. He met with Mr. Trump to discuss the issue, according to advisers to the White House, around the time he updated his federal disclosure form to include Ms. Veselnitskaya’s name on a list of foreign contacts that Mr. Kushner was required to submit to the F.B.I. to obtain a security clearance.

Once again, Donald Trump has been proven to be a liar, no surprise there. Kushner’s attempts to throw attention away from himself may be working. When he updated security his clearance forms and told the feds about the Trump Jr-Russia meeting, he put all members of the Trump family under a microscope. He did all of that to avoid repercussions from lying on his forms.

As this scandal and the mountain of evidence grows, we can’t wait to see what other Trump family members turn on each other next. I am personally hoping for a Melania tell all.

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