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Jeff Sessions’ Hidden Russian Ties Found, Dates Back to 2000

It’s been pretty clear for some time that Attorney General Jeff Sessions committed perjury when we failed to mention his many meetings with and connections to Russian officials. New reports reveal that those connections may be deeper than we previously believed.

Part of the problem with Session’s testimony about meeting with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak is that he seemed to think it was perfectly normal for a member of the Senate Armed Forces Committee to do so, but the other 25 members of the committee had no such meetings. The Washington Post reached out those 25 members:

There is one particular fact that virtually no media outlets are reporting, except for investigative journalists over at GOP Watchdog and The Stern Facts. They point out that Jeff Sessions is tied to Dr. Ed Lozansky, which is the guy who is “dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s to make Trump Russia happen”, as GOP Watchdog explains.

If you do not know who Ed Lozansky is, you really need to read this 10-part series about him.

Lozansky claims that he has held World Russia Forums since 1981, but that is not 100% true. He supposedly held meetings as part of the Sakharov Institute from 1981 to 1986, but there is only proof of one such meeting, held at the Hoover Institute in 1984.

It was at this meeting where Lozansky is credited with founding the Center for Democracy. However, people connected to the creation of the Center told the GOP Watchdog group that he had nothing to do with it besides providing a location to have a meeting about it.

The World Russia Forum was not officially created until the year 2000 which is when it all gets very interesting.

Ed Lozansky and Russia House partnered with the Russian State owned news organization to create the “World Russia Forum” in 2000.

The Forum Itself was to take place on 5/2, and was cosponsored by Paul Weyrich’s Free Congress Foundation and the United States-Russia Business Council.  The US-RBC was started by two Lozansky associates during the years of the Kissinger-Sobchak commission, and for every year available, the Tax Forms show either Rex Tillerson or Ed Verona on the board of directors. I can’t prove that Tillerson was on the board for this, but the USRBC archives do state that Exxon was a partner in 2000.

The guest list for the 2000 forum is particularly interesting…

Does any particular name stand out to you?

Jeff Sessions was a guest at the World Russia Forum in 2000, organized by an official Russian Government Media Outlet.  Note that out of everyone listed, there were only two democrats and Ralph Hall switched parties shortly afterwards. This excerpt from a write up about the Lozansky forum explains the split among parties.

You can check out the entire report over at GOP Watchdog, but it’s pretty clear that Sessions has had Russian connections for nearly two decades, maybe longer.

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