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Just Hours After FBI Raids Manafort in July, Trump’s Twitter Rant Was Very Revealing


Just Hours After FBI Raids Manafort in July, Trump’s Twitter Rant Was Very Revealing

From the “no way in hell this is a coincidence” files comes the revelation that the very same morning that the FBI raided former Trump advisor Paul Manafort’s home, popular vote loser Donald Trump took to Twitter to verbally attack said law enforcement bureau.

It was reported publicly on Wednesday that the FBI raided Manafort’s home in the early morning of July 26th, with a whole bunch of armed agents knocking on his bedroom door and waking him up (this is how I fantasize about Trump’s eventual arrest). Trump learned of the raid a few hours later and took his frustrations out on the agency via Twitter.

From The Palmer Report:

A check of Donald Trump’s tweets from that timeframe reveals that he was far from happy about the matter, and that he may not have learned about it as quickly as one might have expected.

At 9:48am eastern time, which would have been perhaps four to six hours after the “pre-dawn” raid of Manafort’s home, Donald Trump posted this angry Twitter rant: “Why didn’t A.G. Sessions replace Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, a Comey friend who was in charge of Clinton investigation but got big dollars ($700,000) for his wife’s political run from Hillary Clinton and her representatives. Drain the Swamp!” (link). At the time there was little context for why Trump was suddenly making misleading accusations against McCabe. The time of day also seemed odd, as Trump’s angry morning rants typically take place at roughly around 7:30am.

Knowing what we know now, it appears Donald Trump learned about the raid of Paul Manafort’s home sometime in the 9:00am hour and then began publicly attacking the acting FBI Director in response. This means Trump probably didn’t know about the raid at the time it was taking place, nor was he told immediately thereafter, or he’d have more likely begun ranting about it first thing in the morning. This in turn suggests that Trump may have learned about the raid not from law enforcement officials, but from Manafort’s camp instead.

That revelation that Trump may have learned about it from the Manafort camp rather than the Bureau itself is a big one. It says that the FBI trusts the President as little as he trusts them.  The main difference, of course, is that they actually have good reasons not to trust him.

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