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Keith Olbermann: Anyone Who Still Supports Trump Needs To Hear This


Keith Olbermann: Anyone Who Still Supports Trump Needs To Hear This

Former MSNBC and ESPN anchor Kieth Olbermann is known for his loud, screaming rants against people from all sides on the political spectrum.  But his latest video features him calmly asking Donald Trump supporters how they can still support the man after his bizarre behavior since being elected.

Olbermann points to several strange behaviors of Trump and asks “who does that?”  His main concern is that Trump clearly lacks the self-awareness to see how poorly his presidency is going to go.

Olbermann referenced his own disappointment and disillusion after supporting Anthony Weiner, the disgraced politician who he one thought of as a great man worth supporting, until evidence to the contrary emerged, forcing him to reevaluate his support.

Claiming he was duped by Weiner, Olbermann says:
I have not been where you are right now, but — close. And you are in a terrible position. A man whose opinions you agree with has been elected president is about to be sworn in and yet, I’m pretty sure you know the problem here. You’re smart and generally speaking the only person who can fool you is you. You’re smart enough to recognize something I saw when I first met this man 33 years ago and that is this:

There is something really, really wrong with him.

That is for sure, Keith. That so many American’s can’t see that is one of the truly alarming things in this whole nightmare of an election.

You can watch the entire video here…

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