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Keith Olbermann Explains: There’s a Way For an Election Do-Over, Listen Up

“So, new election?”
That’s the question Keith Olbermann asked many times over the course of the 8 minute video he released earlier this week. Olbermann knows that presidential elections happen every four years in the United States. That’s just how it works, right?  Except, he points out, that isn’t anywhere in the constitution.

The process by which the Vice President takes over as “caretaker” President dates back t0 1841 when William Henry Harrison died and John Tyler remained President only because the opposition couldn’t get organized enough to secure his removal from office.

Olbermann admits this is an incredible longshot, because to make it happen, “all three bodies would have to be hit by lightning simultaneously to knock enough patriotism and morality into the Republicans who control them to actually hold at a 2017 or 2018 Presidential Election.”

“It would be unprecedented and dangerous,” he says, “and unprecedented and dangerous is where we are now with this punk in the White House.”

Olbermann concludes by saying “If you want a new election for sure, you have a bunch of them this November… Put [Republicans] out of business this Fall and next year in the midterms… Run them into the ground… That’s your new election.”

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