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Kellyanne Conway Goes on Live TV and Calls For Trump to Resign, But Has No Idea She Did It

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Kellyanne Conway Goes on Live TV and Calls For Trump to Resign, But Has No Idea She Did It

Kellyanne Conway has, once again, put her foot right into her mouth.

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore has been accused of sexually molesting underage girls, and Trump and his Republican friends have had a difficult time responding to the claims. Since Trump has been in Asia, somebody thought it was a great time to send out Kellyanne to respond to the questions. Naturally she did a phenomenal job of turning on her own boss.

On ABC News morning show she was asked about Roy Moore and responded, “If there’s anyone currently in public office who has behaved that way toward any girl or woman, maybe they should step aside.”

“In a country of 330 million people, we ought to be able to do better than this,” Conway went on to say.

She apparently forgot the fact that at least 13 different women have accused President Donald Trump of sexual harassment or assault. However, last month,White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed that the administration believes all of those women are “lying.”

While Moore has not admitted to the acts in question, let’s not forget another political position filled by a man who bragged about sexually assaulting women. That’s right, Kellyanne just called for Trump’s resignation.

Despite having no real White House job, Kellyanne loves talking nonsense on television and we don’t understand why the people running the White House allow such a thing to happen. This is clearly their worst nightmare. We can only assume that Conway will once again disappear for several months after this incident, only to resurface next time a distraction is needed.

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