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Kellyanne Conway Just Put Herself in Mueller’s Sights with Possible Felony Cover-Up Involvement

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Kellyanne Conway Just Put Herself in Mueller’s Sights with Possible Felony Cover-Up Involvement

This statement is true for popular vote loser Donald Trump most everyone associated with him, but especially Kellyanne Conway: They cannot get out of their own way.

Conway says so many contradictory things, blatant lies, and makes so many incriminating statements that it’s a wonder she still has a job and her freedom – well, except she works for this administration, where they thrive on those things.

Now that Mike Flynn has flipped and Trump took to Twitter to accidentally admit to Obstruction of Justice (a felony) and then had his lawyer take the blame for the Tweet (they are really, really bad at this stuff), Kellyanne Conway was set to be the witness that would back up that claim.  And that may send her to prison.

Kellyanne Conway said this past weekend on ‘Fox and Friends’: “The lawyers are the ones that understand how to put those tweets together. I was with the president on Saturday all day, frankly, and I know that what he said is correct. What he says is that he put it together and sent it to our director of social media.”

Kellyanne is saying that she’s a witness to the Dowd writing the tweet, then claimed that it was actually social media director Dan Scavino who posted the tweet to Trump’s Twitter account.

The Palmer Report explains:

Legally speaking, it doesn’t matter that we think Kellyanne Conway is lying, it only matters if it can be proven that she’s lying. But if it can be proven, she’s in massive trouble. She will eventually be interviewed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. If she repeats this lie to him, and he can prove she’s lying, then she’s going to prison for lying to a federal agent. Even if she confesses the truth to Mueller, he can still arguably charge her for conspiracy to obstruct justice for having lied to the media in the first place, if he can demonstrate that she was attempting to sabotage the investigation in the process.

Is Scavino willing to risk being criminally charged in order to lie for Donald Trump and Kellyanne Conway? He’s just a low-level social media guy who’s likely never done anything wrong at all.

When Robert Mueller questions Scavino and he learns the truth, then Kellyanne Conway just might be arrested if Scavino provides proof she lied too. Care to guess her only way out? By cutting a deal against Donald Trump.

At some point, the list of crimes by Trump and his administration will fill a library.  In fact, that’s a good idea for the Donald J. Trump Presidential Library – just fill it with indictment papers.

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