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Leaked NYC Finance Records Confirm Trump Has Likely Been Lying About His Income For Years

We all know by now that Donald Trump is refusing to release his tax information, something no candidate for president has done since 1976.  He keeps making excuse after excuse, with his main excuse being that he’s under audit and will release them as soon as that is over, but anyone actually paying attention knows that just wont happen.

Now, however, Crain’s New York managed to get a copy of the following quarterly property tax bill to Trump from the city of New York’s Department of Finance:

The Washington Post notes that in order to get the STAR credit highlighted in the statement, you must own your own home, it must be your primary residence, and you and your spouse don’t make a combined income of over $500,000 per year.

There’s also a STAR credit for those who make under $84,550 and are at least 65 years of age, which Trump is. This means, then, that Trump’s income for the 2014 tax year would have been between $84,550 and $500,000.

This may seem shockingly low for someone who claims to be a billionaire. Trump’s finances are clearly confusing and murky at best.  For consistency, Crain’s found the same tax credit in other years’ statements to Trump as well.

Trump could release his tax returns and clear up a lot of the confusion around his finances, but he will not do that because there are obviously things in there that are shady and unethical that he doesn’t want anyone to see.  Can we trust someone who is so secretive to be our president?  What are you hiding, Mr. Trump?

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