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Legal Expert: Robert Mueller Ready to File Charges Against Donald Trump if He Refuses Interview

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Legal Expert: Robert Mueller Ready to File Charges Against Donald Trump if He Refuses Interview

Donald Trump loves saying one thing today and a completely different thing tomorrow. A few days ago, he said he would be more than willing to be interviewed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but has now apparently changed his mind and told reporters that it’s “unlikely”.

He seems to think his self proclaimed “innocence” protects him from being interviewed, but that’s not the way it works. If Mueller was to talk to Trump, it will happen will legal action if necessary.

According to reports, Mueller wants to meet with Trump within the next few weeks and one legal expert is saying that if the interview doesn’t happen, Mueller is likely ready to file criminal charges against him.

Trump’s flipping back and forth on the issue is a sign that he knows he can’t win either way. If he goes through with the interview, he will likely obstruct justice or lie, both of which result in criminal charges. If he pleads the fifth to avoid the interview, he’s guilty in the court of public opinion. Basically, he’s toast either way, but his safest bet at this point is to just take the interview.

A Senior Fellow at Brookings Institution, Norm Eisen said “Given the state of the obstruction evidence, if POTUS refuses an interview, Mueller WILL file charges.” He added “either criminally or more likely with Congress.”

The Republican Congress seems dead set on protecting Trump at all costs, but Mueller has been going after Trump from the start and he is most likely going to see that through.

Some have speculated that Mueller can’t file criminal charges against a sitting president, but there’s no real legal precedent to prove that. Nixon was listed as a unindicted co-conspirator, but that doesn’t mean that’s how it will play out with Trump. The Supreme Court will have final say in the matter, but either way if Trump doesn’t give Mueller his interview, things are going to get really dicey for him really fast.

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