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Lewd Tape of Trump Released Discussing Russian Women with “No Morals”

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Lewd Tape of Trump Released Discussing Russian Women with “No Morals”

Illustrating further that the likelihood of Trump having ties to Russian is high, some lovely new audio of our esteemed President-Elect has been uncovered.  It’s going to get harder and harder for Captain Tiny Hands to deny that he hired Russian prostitutes or things of that nature when you hear things like this, that he actually said in 2001.

During a “Howard Stern Show” exchange with gossip columnist A.J. Benza over a woman they had both slept with, Benza jabbed Trump about his preference for Russian women as well as a quote that may have seemed meaningless then but takes on special meaning in light of recent news:

After Trump claimed that he stole Benza’s girlfriend, this little exchange happened:

Trump: I assume A.J.’s clean. I hope he’s clean.

Benza: Meanwhile, he bangs Russian people…

Stern: Russian people?

Trump: Who are you talking about, Russian people, A.J.? I don’t know anything.

Benza: He used to call me when I was a columnist and say, “I was just in Russia, the girls have no morals, you gotta get out there.” [Trump’s] out of his mind.

The interesting part is that nowhere in the exchange did Trump deny what Benza said was true.

This man is a disgusting pig.  And in 7 days, he’ll be our president. Let that sink in a little.

You can check out this exchange for yourself here…

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