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Looks Like Trump is Facing Yet Another High Profile Resignation

Surprisingly, Trump has made it about a week without any firings, abrupt resignations, or scandalous departures. To be fair, he doesn’t have many people left in his White House, so reports of personnel changes should be slowing down just based on pure mathematics.

Despite the odds, recent reports suggest at least two more might be headed out the door, leaving things even more of a mess.

CBS News reported a few months ago that White House Communications Director Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her Deputy Raj Shah were both on their way out. With the year ending, and no official resignations, it made many wonder if they had changed their minds. However, Shah appears to be all but gone at this point.

Shah has removed the words “Principal Deputy Press Secretary” from his Twitter bio. He’s now simply listed as “White House”. Yahoo News is even reporting that his exit was planned for no later than December 31.

If the initial CBS report was correct, then Sarah Huckabee Sanders may not be far behind him. If Shah is gone, is Sanders gone too or is she changing her mind? The new year could start off with some interesting news and yet another shake up in the White House staff.

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