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Louisiana Officials EXPOSED Trump’s “Truckload” of Supplies LIE!

Donald Trump’s supporters have spent the weekend exploiting Louisiana’s tragic flooding to both defend Trump’s alleged generosity and attack President Obama and Hillary Clinton for their supposed lack of action in the relief effort.

Even though Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards slammed the GOP Presidential Candidate and asked the President to wait a few weeks to visit the flood-ravaged state, Trump and his supporters couldn’t help but show what a great guy he is for donating a truckload of relief supplies and $100,000.

The only problem is, he very likely didn’t donate the supplies or the cash, according to Louisiana officials.

Trump’s lie was uncovered when Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold asked local government authorities in the Ascension Parish about the donations.  Their reply, via Twitter: “We don’t have any info about a donation truck that came from him directly.”

If the LA Gov’t had received a donation from Trump, they would have reported it.  Saying they have no information about it means almost assuredly that Trump didn’t donate.

This puts the onus squarely on Trump himself to either admit he did not donate or to continue to allow people to think he did and keep spreading the news about what a swell guy he really is.  Our guess is he’ll go with the latter.

The fact that he hasn’t been publicly bragging about his donations seem to suggest he didn’t.  Has he ever missed an opportunity like that to embellish and brag about his finances?

H/T Occupy Democrats

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