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Maddow Blog: Trump’s Latest WH Tactic Indicates He’s Hiding Something

Donald Trump likes to hide things: He hides his tiny, baby hands in photos. He is obviously hiding many, many nefarious things in the refusal to release his taxes for public viewing. And now, he’s hiding who he meets with in the White House.

Last week it was announced that the visitor log of the White House would remain secret until several years from now, meaning that one of the least transparent administrations in our nation’s history just became even less transparent. What’s funny is that Sean Spicer recently stated that the Trump administration is more transparent than any administration in modern history.

The Maddow Blog over at MSNBC reports:
On Inauguration Day 2017, the conservative Washington Times said that the Trump administration was poised to “keep releasing the records of those who visit the White House, continuing an Obama administration transparency policy that gave Americans an unprecedented look at the comings and goings through the powerful complex.”

Three months later, Team Trump – which waited until the afternoon of Good Friday, ahead of a holiday weekend, to make the announcement – decided to scrap the Obama-era transparency.

The White House will keep most of its visitor logs secret, a senior administration official confirmed to NBC News Friday.

It’s important to note that the Obama administration voluntarily disclosed more than 6 million records during his 8 years in office.

The White House issued a statement saying the decision was necessary in light of “the grave national security risks and privacy concerns of the hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.”

Sorry, Trump, but we aren’t buying that argument.

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