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Major Hint Dropped to Media By Flynn That He’s Cut a Deal with Mueller

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Major Hint Dropped to Media By Flynn That He’s Cut a Deal with Mueller

Based on the Trump-Russia timeline and the new details about the arrest of George Papadopoulos, it’s very likely that Robert Mueller may have already convinced Michael Flynn to cut a deal.

Even Flynn himself is hinting to the media that this may be the case.

According to CNN, Michael Flynn is expressing fear that Flynn Jr. could end up going to prison for his role in the Trump-Russia scandal.

An insider of the family is sharing that “Flynn’s wife, Lori, shares his concerns about their son’s possible legal exposure, according to a person who knows the family.”

The key line there is “according to a person who knows the family”

Bill Palmer points out, If Flynn hasn’t already cut a deal, there would be no reason on earth for him to feed a story like this to the media. In fact he would be working against his own interests by publicly admitting to Robert Mueller that he has a weak hand; it would only prompt Mueller to take an even harder line with him. Instead this story reads like Flynn’s attempt to justify why he’s already cut a deal against Donald Trump. Moreover, considering that Flynn couldn’t care less what the public thinks, this reads like Flynn is trying to explain to Trump why he had no choice but to sell him out.

If Michael Flynn did cut a deal, it would explain why he hasn’t been included in these early arrests. His true plays in this investigation are going to come to light soon enough. If he’s already publicly apologizing to Trump, we can’t wait to see just what he did to save his son.

One thing is for certain, Robert Mueller is a legal genius and will get what he wants out of these people, and all signs point to Flynn Sr. having made a deal.

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