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Major Slip on Live TV Suggests Mike Pence May Have Met with Russians During Campaign

Mike Pence is in full throttle defense mode. In the last few days he has tried to tell anyone who will listen that Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with Russia took place before he joined the Trump ticket. He is trying to distance himself from the election rigging scandal and he even hired a lawyer to protect himself.

Pence’s Press Secretary Marc Lotter just couldn’t seal the deal on Fox News this week. When asked whether Pence had ever met with Russia himself, Lotter couldn’t seem to respond to the question. He just kept going back to what must have been his pre-approved script which did not say yes or no.

We realize he didn’t say ‘yes Pence did’, but why could he not simply respond no? The fact that he couldn’t say no and he’s Mike Pence’s spokesman, we should all be concerned. The fact that he was not authorized to say no suggests that the Pence-Russia relationship is worthy of an investigation.

Watch him dance around the question below…

While Pence is working so hard to distance himself, how can we believe that an entire campaign riddled with Russian tampering would not involve the second in command. Regardless of when it started, it was still happening when Pence came on board. Pence knows he’s on a sinking ship and he is looking for a life vest.

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