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Marco Rubio Accidentally Exposes Jeff Sessions For Perjury

Jeff Sessions continues to lie and continues to get caught. After initially denying that he even met with Russian officials during the campaign, he got caught with at least 2 meetings and had to own up to it. Now it appears he’s been caught with a possible 3rd meeting.

Senator Marco Rubio asked “I want to go to the campaign for a moment. I’m sure you are aware it is widely reported, [the Russians] often pose not simply as an official, but undercovers such as businessman, journalist and the like. At any point during the campaign, did you have an interaction who in hindsight you look back and say they tried to gain influence and in hindsight you look back and wonder?”

Sessions response: “I don’t believe in my conversations with the three times.”

Rubio asked a simple question about Russian agents trying to coerce him and Sessions tried to avoid the question. In his poor attempt to do so he ended up admitting to the third meeting.

While most everyone in attendance seemed to not notice the slip up or follow up on it, the press was all over it.

Luckily, this was a public testimony and the proof more than exists; he says THREE times he met with the Russian spy, NOT two. This confirms he has committed perjury and is continuing to lie in an attempt to cover his tracks. What a disaster.

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