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Mark Cuban Destroys Rudy Giuliani On Live TV About His Trump Lies

Former NYC mayor and current Trump butt-kisser Rudy Giuliani went on CNN just before the third presidential debate on Wednesday night and tried to dismiss accusations of sexual assault against Donald Trump.

Despite the fact that both the interviewer and Mark Cuban personally knew someone who had been sexually harassed by Trump, Giuliani continued to casually dismiss all of Trump’s wrong doing, simply because he has his lips glued firmly to Trump’s rump.

Giuliani said “And then these women come forward, all of the sudden, kind of orchestrated, all at the same time, using kind of a scrip, all the same thing: groping groping groping.”  He added  “as long as I’ve known him … I’ve never seen him do anything remotely close to that” and called him a “gentlemen” with women, including his daughters.

Later in the segment, Giuliani tried to compare Trump’s sexual misconduct to that of Bill Clinton. He seems to have joined his buddy Trump in misunderstanding that Bill Clinton is not running for president this year.  Mark Cuban didn’t let him get away with this nonsense and at one point called him a liar.

There was also this exchange, on Trump’s business failures:

Cuban said, aside from real estate, Trump’s been a failure at “everything else” and he’s now “crushing his brands.”

“It makes no sense what he’s doing because everything he’s saying is hurting his brand,” he said.

Giuliani responded by saying he visited Trump’s hotels and golf courses, and added that “everyone’s had failures.”

“Why all the failures?” Cuban said.

“People doing bold things sometimes fail,” Giuliani later said.

“Trump steaks is bold?” Cuban interjected. “Trump playing cards is bold? Trump card games is bold?”

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