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McConnell’s 2009 Letter To Harry Reid Shows Staggering Hypocrisy with Obama’s Cabinet Requirements

Getting right to it, here is a letter Mitch McConnell wrote in 2009 to then majority leader Harry Reid, regarding new President Barack Obama’s nominations and picks for his cabinet and leadership:

So in 2009, Republicans were pretty hardcore making sure all new government appointments were properly background checked and vetted.

Fast forward to 2017, as President Elect Donald Trump makes his picks for those same positions, and you have this report from the Washington Post:

The head of Office of Government Ethics, the federal agency charged with investigating the backgrounds of Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees, told Senate Democrats on Saturday that the process of vetting Trump’s picks is overwhelming the agency. Director Walter Shaub Jr. also emphasized his concern that Republicans are pushing forward with confirmation hearings for Trump’s nominees before the appropriate paperwork has been completed, and thus before the OGE can confirm that the nominees have no financial, ethical, or criminal red flags.

How convenient, that the agency is overwhelmed and now Republicans feel it’s OK to rush these nominees through confirmation.

Mitch McConnell and the Republican leadership are about to take hypocrisy to a level never seen in our entire history as a nation.  Call your representatives TODAY and make sure they understand the American people are not OK with their government leaders not being properly vetted.

H/T Daily Kos

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