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McConnell’s Wife’s Now Connected to Yet Another Financial Scandal

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McConnell’s Wife’s Now Connected to Yet Another Financial Scandal

With the myriad of scandals surrounding the administration of popular vote loser Donald Trump, it can be hard to keep them all straight. Or even know about them, for that matter.

So, lost in the Russian collusion scandal, resignations, firings, racist speeches, reports of the Kushners narrowly avoiding felony charges, you may have missed that Elaine Chao, Trump’s Secretary of Transportation – and wife of Mitch McConnell -, is embroiled in two scandals actually: one for secretly owning stock in a company over which she has regulatory control, and another for a flight scandal that has caught several administration officials recently.

Chao has now been found to have taken taxpayer-funded government flights at least seven times in 2017, according to a new report from The Hill.

Here excuse is that other travel options weren’t available at the time, which is highly unlikely, but we will see if that holds water.

It’s interesting to note just how Chao appears to tie into Trump’s Russia scandal.

Palmer Report explains:

Elaine Chao previously served as George W. Bush’s Secretary of Labor, and she is objectively qualified for her current job of Secretary of Transportation (in fact she’s one of the very few cabinet members Trump picked who does have the proper skills and experience for her position). But because of her family business scandal, which involved drug shipments, she was never going to hold another high level government position. When Donald Trump picked her for his cabinet, it was widely questioned whether he may have done so as part of some deal with Mitch McConnell

It was later revealed that McConnell had indeed worked hard during the election to prevent the American public from learning that the Russian government was meddling in the election on Trump’s behalf. Trump appears to have hired Chao to return the favor, making her complicit. Her apparent corruption, in terms of excessive travel expenses and stock ownership conflicts, must be viewed through the lens of her apparent role in the Trump-Russia scandal.

The corruption runs deep in Trump’s circles, which is especially ironic for a group of people who won the White House campaigning against the “corruption” of Hillary Clinton. Almost like they were just waiting to win so they could all show us what real corruption looked like.

I can see the Trump tweets now, after his impeachment: “We were the most corrupt admin. ever. No one ever had the corruption we had. It was amazing. #maga”

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