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Media Learns When Mueller is Expected to Release Report, Two Routes He’s Pursuing on Trump

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is getting closer and closer to bringing charges against popular vote loser Donald Trump, and Trump’s associates know it.  The closer he gets, which according to reports could be this month or next seeing charges brought, the more Trump’s associates are freaking out.

As Robert Mueller gets closer to bringing his investigation to conclusion, the storm brewing around around Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen is getting worse by the day. Based on a report by Vanity Fair, Cohen knows it, too.

“According to a source close to Cohen,” says Gabriel Sherman for Vanity Fair, “Cohen has told friends that he expects to be arrested any day now.” Cohen denies it.

A White House official was also reported to have said, “Trump should be super worried about Michael Cohen, If anyone can blow up Trump, it’s him.”

Michael Avenatti, lawyer for Stormy Daniels, says:

According to Sherman’s report, Mueller will first deliver his findings to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, presumably about obstruction of justice.

“Donald is very worried,” a Republican close to Trump said to Sherman. “The difference is that Trump is now more unshackled than at any point in his presidency, meaning that firing Mueller or Rosenstein remains a possibility.”

Robert Mueller has a hot summer coming up…

As soon as later this month or next month, according to a report by Robert Costa of The Washington Post on CNBC, Mueller wants to release report:

We could be headed to a serious showdown between Trump and Mueller. Unless Congress believes Trump is above the law, like Trump believes, I have a feeling Mueller is going to win the showdown.

Keep an eye on Cohen through it all, though. Trump knows that Cohen is the one person who if he flips on him, could bring the whole thing crashing down in a flash.

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