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Michael Avenatti Reveals He’s Now Under Attack By Russians Since He’s Exposing Trump

If you needed more proof that popular vote loser Donald Trump is nothing more than a Russian puppet, the G7 Summit last week should’ve been enough. Trump insulted all U.S. allies, while making a fool of himself begging that Russia be included.

And if you still needed more proof after that, there’s this new report that Michael Avenatti, lawyer for Stormy Daniels and perhaps the biggest, most dangerous enemy of Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen, is being targeted by Russia.

MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin brought it to our attention, saying: “Michael Avenatti says the Russian government is trying to smear him in the press. Avenatti told The Daily Beast that people in the Kremlin have been trying to plant damaging stories about him in media outlets.”

Michael Avenatti didn’t give specifics, but said two media figures and a high-ranking American intelligence official both told him about the Russian effort.

“They’re doing it because they see me as a threat, a considerable threat,” he said. “If we weren’t a threat, none of this would be happening.”

Avenatti says people in the Russian government have claimed that he traveled to Moscow and had questionable encounters with women there.

“They were trying to claim that I too had taken a trip to Moscow… I’ve never been to Moscow in my life, I’ve never traveled to Russia in my life”, says Michael Avenatti.

“They suggested that I had had a liaison with multiple women in Russia,” he added. “I found that to be rather ironic.”

Avenatti also says that Russians have been saying he represented Russian and Ukrainian legal interests before the U.S. government, in which Avenatti says has never represented any Russian or Ukrainian entities.

“I think I’ve been nervous for the entirety of the case,” he said. “Certainly this raises the stakes. But we’re not going to pack up and go home. I’m not going to change what I’m doing just because the Russians don’t like it.”

Something tells me Avenatti guy isn’t going to back down.

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