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Michael Avenatti Reveals Trump Tapes, “Disturbing and disgusting…a whole different level”

Tim Mak, a political reporter, published a recording of Michael Cohen making threats if his client, Donald Trump, had a negative story published about him, as well as disturbing claims about rape, saying that it’s impossible for a husband to rape his spouse.

The profane tape is concerning in many ways, but if nothing else shows us just what kind of man Cohen is. The kind of man who would run around doing Trump’s bidding isn’t necessarily a stand up man in our opinion, but now we are getting to the root of how vile these people can be. The craziest part is that, according to Michael Avenatti, this is just a preview.

Avenatti pushed Cohen’s attorney into admitting in court that there are in fact tapes of Cohen’s conversations with Trump. It’s only a matter of time before the judge in their civil court case orders these tapes to be turned over to check for admissible evidence. The second Michael Avenatti gets his hands on those tapes, he will turn them over to the public. Avenatti seems to know what is on these tapes, otherwise he wouldn’t be asking for them.

After this recording was released, Avenatti tweeted “If you thought the audio released yesterday of thug Cohen berating and threatening Tim Mak was disturbing and disgusting, wait until the #TrumpTapes are made public. A whole different level.”

The real question is why did Cohen tape these conversations to begin with?  He wouldn’t have taped himself and left behind evidence if he didn’t have to. Cohen could have made these as an insurance policy for when he inevitably got caught up in things he wishes he wouldn’t have. These tapes are going to be very valuable for an investigator if that was in fact their actual purpose.

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