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Michael Cohen Tape Discovered That Creates More Disaster For Trump

Just days ago, Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison in exchange for his cooperation against Donald Trump. The SDNY formally accused Trump of multiple felonies, thanks to Cohen’s intel, but some skeptics are questioning why he’s being trusted.

Cohen clearly had the proof to back up his claims, and one key piece of that evidence has brought another alleged Trump crime to the surface.

Michael Cohen knows the ins and outs of Trump’s life over the last several years. This includes the poorly attended inauguration. Trump took in a huge amount of donations for the event and then listed them as coming from fake people on his disclosure forms. Since the money didn’t all get spent on the event, that means those funds ended up somewhere and may have been misused, and Michael Cohen witnessed all of it.

The SDNY is now investigating the money trail from those “donations” and who the donors were. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that many of the donations were allegedly illegal bribes from people working to gain influence over the Trump administration.

Michael Cohen exposed the entire mess in a tape where he recorded an inauguration planner who “expressed concern” about why the money wasn’t adding up, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the SDNY, and prosecutors are all are working to expose each of Trump’s crimes and they seem to be doing so with strategic timing.

With each additional alleged crime that hits the news, the pressure for Trump’s impeachment and criminal prosecution is growing larger by the day.

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