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Mike Pence Seems to Be Preparing to Take Over as President, But Few Even Notice It

Mike Pence’s strategic walkout at the Colt’s NFL game this week was more than just a supportive move for Trump’s agenda. When you really think about it, the act seems rather telling about Pence and what he thinks the future is going to hold. Pence has to be certain that Trump is on his way out.

There was no real reason for Pence to waste his time and taxpayers dollars for a five minute hissy fit. Basically, this was a blatant attempt to gain support from Trump’s base that only value free speech when it fits their agenda, and have racist views.

Pence is far to selfish to go through this stunt with the NFL just for Trump. Pence is working on his base for 2020 run for president.

Bill Palmer points out:

In turn, there’s only one way that Pence would even be in a position to run for president in 2020 – and that’s if he’s already president. If Trump is ousted and Pence inherits the presidency, he can probably win the 2020 Republican nomination without much interference. Even if Trump finishes his term and then doesn’t run for re-election, Pence would end up one of twenty candidates for the 2020 Republican nomination – and he wouldn’t win it.

Mike Pence is enough of a political survivor to understand what I’ve explained above. His decision to pull this race-baiting and self-humiliating stunt today was an unmistakable sign that he expects to be running for president in 2020 as the incumbent. That means he expects Donald Trump will be ousted before the end of his term. Of course, Pence isn’t considering that he may end up getting ousted over the Russia scandal as well.

Pence has been in the political system far too long and understands exactly what strategic moves he needs to make to keep his place in the White House. He clearly knows how to pretend to follow Trump’s orders while actually clearing his own path.

However, Mike Pence is lying to himself if he really thinks he’s going to get away with his part in the Russian scandal. Mueller has his name on his short list and it’s only a matter of time before he closes in on the entire White House.

This isn’t the first evidence lately that Pence is trying to pave the way to take over as President…

Mike Pence appeared on on CBS This Morning and was by Charlie Rose if he felt Robert Mueller’s investigation was overstepping its bounds, an allegation Trump himself has made.

Pence said that was for others to determine, but then shifted gears and said something very suspicious and unprompted.

Pence said, “I’ve made clear that during my time on the campaign, I was not aware of any contacts or any collusion with Russian officials.”

ROSE: Do you believe – Mr. Mueller is exceeding his jurisdiction?

PENCE: Well I think that’s for others to say. What I can assure you is that we’re fully cooperating with the special counsel and we’ll continue to do that. I’ve made clear that during my time on the campaign I was not aware of any contacts or any collusion with Russian officials. I stand by that and as I said we’ll provide any information the special counsel requires, but honestly, this is not what the American people are focused on.

This has been a consistent move from Pence, to defend himself from the actions of Donald Trump.

Pence didn’t say there wasn’t Russian collusion that he was aware of. Instead, he said he wasn’t aware of Russian collusion during “my time” on the campaign. You see, he doesn’t deny that collusion happened, but he does go out of his way to make sure we all know he is innocent.

Just after the election, Pence went to great lengths to indicate that when he “joined the campaign in the summer” Trump was not in contact with Russian operatives or affiliates.

Then in May, Pence said, “There is no evidence of collusion between our campaign and any Russian officials” when commenting about the firing of James Comey.

Pence lawyered up in June with private lawyer Richard Cullen, to deal with his growing Russia problem.

Then Pence totally shifted gears and changed his message to, “I’m not aware of any contacts during the time that I was on campaign, between any officials of the Russian government and officials with the campaign.”

Mike Pence likely knows his boss is going down and if he can hold on long enough, he’ll be President.

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