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Mike Pence Signals He Knows a Bombshell is Coming, But Has No Idea We All Noticed

Mike Pence has fallen right into Trump’s disastrous PR plan with his walk out of the NFL game. Unfortunately for Trump, Pence also gave away that they both know a huge bombshell is about to drop in the Trump-Russia scandal.

Right after Pence’s “spontaneous” decision to walkout of the game, Trump tweeted that he had given Pence this exact instruction before he even left for the game. This proves the plan was in place well before those players knelt down in silent protest.

This is just another ploy for Trump to distract from an impending bombshell, which is what Trump does every single time he knows another news story is about to drop.

Trump’s attempts to distract Americans are so obvious we can’t believe he’s still fooling anyone, but make no mistake, his supporters are falling for it every time.

Sometimes he’s attacking fellow politicians before a big story lands, others times it’s athletes or news anchors. Whenever a major news outlet contacts Trump or his White House for a comment – which is standard procedure before they break a story on him – he takes to Twitter for a toddler tantrum, or another appearance somewhere, or some other bizarre political move to distract from the impending bombshell. Pence’s NFL walkout was no different.

Pence’s participation in this stunt shows that he is just as guilty as Trump in this whole mess. He doesn’t have the ability to claim ignorance anymore. We can only assume this means the bombshell that’s coming is big enough to make Pence go along with his plan.

Either it’s going to be about both of them or bad enough that Pence knows he can’t recover from it. We can’t wait to see what it is.

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