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Mike Pence’s Email Scandal Just Fired Up, GOP Completely Silent About It

Pence still has an AOL email address. That’s ridiculous enough by itself, but beyond that he was using it to conduct state business while he was Governor. The scandal died down when he went to court and prevented the release of the emails. Now, months later, he’s had to give in.

His emails have been turned over to the State of Indiana and now they are releasing them to the public. The Indy Star newspaper is reporting that Pence’s attempt to suppress the emails is suspicious to say the least. For a man who spent the entire campaign attacking Hillary Clinton for using her personal email, this is the pot calling the kettle black.

Why did Pence go to such lengths to keep the emails private? It must mean they have something to hide. Is it illegal activity? A scandal? Something personal? Only time will tell. With Pence banking on Trump being impeached so he can take over the country, this couldn’t be worse timing.

While we have thought all along that Pence would go down in flames with Trump, it’s possible he will be his own undoing after all. This emails can only bring more trouble to an already struggling administration.

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