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Mitch McConnell now being investigated – Plus a Campaign to “Send Mitch Packing”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R. KY) has been elected to what seems like 150 consecutive terms in congress, all leading up to his current status as the single most spitefully obstructionist politician in American history, as well as one of Donald Trump’s most reliable enablers.

And there is little doubt the people of Kentucky would, once again, vote against their own interests and elect him in an overwhelming majority to another term in congress.

Scott Dworkin and the fine people over at the Democratic Coalition have had just about enough of McConnell, and are launching a campaign to see McConnell defeated in 2020:

Here are their strategies:

1. Voter Contact – We have an aggressive plan to push harder-to-motivate Democrats to the polls in Kentucky next year and we plan to focus on persuadable voters in 2019. Your dollars will go directly to these efforts.

2. Social Media – Our social media operations get some of the best engagement rates in progressive politics. Your dollars will go directly to digital ads slamming Mitch McConnell and pointing out every vote and action he takes that hurts Kentucky.

3. Research – Help us uncover hard-hitting opposition research against McConnell based on his past statements, videos, and votes. Your dollars will go directly to these efforts.

You can support the Coalition’s efforts here.

It doesn’t stop there…

Does Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R – KY) have something to hide? If so, that would explain his complete and utter refusal to work with Democrats and sane Republicans on anything whatsoever, as well as enabling President Trump and refusing to even bring to the floor a bill to reopen the federal government.

Scott Dworkin and the Democratic Coalition have had enough of McConnell’s miserable failure as a leader.

Here are their three main reasons for investigating McConnell:

“The Senate majority leader too often gets a pass because the media and everyone else focuses all their attention on Trump. But it’s Mitch who allows Trump to get away with his treasonous behavior and incompetence that is crippling our country.”

  • The Shutdown: Mitch McConnell had his Senate unanimously pass legislation that would have avoided the shutdown back in December and all he needs to do is present that legislation again. But instead he is doing Trump’s bidding. Let’s expose his hypocrisy using past statements he has made during previous shutdowns.
  • The Trump-Russia Cover-Up: During the 2016 campaign, McConnell refused to allow information to go public that would have revealed the full extent of the FBI investigation into Trump’s collusion with Russia. And now Mitch refuses to bring bipartisan legislation to the floor to protect Mueller.
  • Follow the money and the votes: McConnell has taken millions of dollars in Russian-connected money over the years. Help us connect the dots between those who contribute to Mitch and the legislation he then both passes and blocks.

You can help fund the investigation and bring down the single most spitefully partisan and possibly corrupt politicians in American history here.

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