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Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Trey Gowdy Suddenly Abandon Trump and His Lies

Trump has been claiming that the California primary elections were a win for the Republican Party. This means Trump is even more delusional than we thought or he still doesn’t understand how the primary system works.

The GOP had a horrible night in California and the rest of the Republican leaders know it. Now they are trying to put some serious distance between themselves and Trump.

1. Mitch McConnell was the first to hit the panic button by canceling the Senate’s planned recess. He’s concerned about the November elections, so he’s trying to give himself and his friends a little more time to get something done in Washington. He’s also hoping this messes up plans for some campaigning back home for Democrats. It’s clear that McConnell knows the GOP is in trouble in November thanks to Trump’s unpopularity among Americans.

2. Paul Ryan is taking a more direct approach to addressing his concerns. He’s covered for Trump as long as he can, but as soon as the primary results failed the GOP, Ryan decided to go after Trump’s last line of defense. Paul Ryan just admitted that the FBI acted properly while investigating the Trump campaign. Trump has been making claims they crossed a line and used a “spy” in him campaign.

3. Let’s not forget Trey Gowdy, who also said he felt the FBI acted properly toward the Trump campaign. “I am even more convinced that the FBI did exactly what my fellow citizens would want them to do when they got the information they got”.

For these deep Republican voices to be speaking out and distancing themselves from Trump, we know they are scared. Everyone expects the November elections to turn Washington blue and with the initial results coming in, it’s an even stronger possibility.

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