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MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid Exposes Trump Signed off on Jr.’s Meeting with Russian

While Trump Jr. is knee deep in collusion crimes with a mountain of evidence against him, Donald Trump is trying to distance himself from the meeting in question.

Trump had Sarah Huckabee Sanders lie from the podium again this week saying he didn’t know until a couple days ago about the meeting between Jr. and the Kremlin lawyer. Unfortunately for Trump Senior, a Republican source is now saying Trump signed off on the meeting before it even happened.

MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid, who is consistently accurate in her insider information, shared this:

“GOP source re the DonJr/Manafort/Kushner RU meet: ‘Trump is a micromanager. Nothing happened in the campaign & transition w/o his direction.’”

Of course Trump Senior knew about the meeting. He doesn’t even let his children make minor business decisions without him. Who believes that he would allow his son to take a major meeting without knowing about it first?

How funny that Trump would even turn on his own child now that the walls are closing in. Trying to throw your own child under the bus is a low blow, even for a man with as minimal of moral standards as Donald Trump.

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