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Mueller Makes Move in Federal Court That Has Washington Panicked

Have you ever noticed how major events get leaked on Fridays and get completely missed? Well, that happened today, but you can rest assured that journalists will be in an all-out scramble trying to decode what just occurred.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller made a move just hours ago that will likely send shockwaves through Washington and through everyone single person involved in the Trump-Russia scandal.

Michael Del Moro broke the news saying, “Robert Mueller’s team met behind closed doors today w an unknown group of attorneys & chief judge of US District Court in DC”

Well-known lawyer Laurence Tribe noticed the news as well and said, “Very interesting. Suggests to me that indictments aren’t too far off”

This is not exactly a move that prosecutors make very often, which suggests something significant is about to go down.

According to other legal minds, it likely means Robert Mueller is attempting to get approval on something so major that it required the a chief judge to get involved, and so significant that attorneys on the other side were desperately trying to bloke it.

Bill Palmer points further points out:

It’s worth pointing out that Robert Mueller has pretty much gotten his way on everything thus far in his investigation. For instance, when he asked for a no-knock warrant for Paul Manafort’s house, a judge granted it. This is because Mueller is savvy enough to only ask for things when he knows he has sufficient justification to receive them. So it’s highly likely that he once again got his way today. Considering the stakes involved, this probably involves a high level raid or an indictment.

So now we wait to see what comes next. Frustratingly for the public, many of Robert Mueller’s moves haven’t leaked out until days or weeks after he’s finished going through with them. But this only serves as a reminder that he’s been three steps ahead of the public – and thus three steps ahead of everyone on Donald Trump’s team – all along.

Time will tell what exactly went down today, but you can bet it’s extremely significant.

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