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Mueller Now Has Things on Trump Personally, Trump Attacks Mueller Publicly

Popular vote loser Donald Trump is having a bad week.  Of course, most weeks for this president are bad, but this week is particularly rough for Trump as he knows Special Counsel Robert Mueller is preparing to bring obstruction of justice charges against him.

Rachel Maddow drew attention to a very important detail in an NBC News report about “at least four “findings” on Trump and obstruction of justice, including dangling pardons to grand jury witnesses”:

Those four findings are as follows:

Three sources familiar with the investigation said the findings Mueller has collected on Trump’s attempts to obstruct justice include:

1) His intent to fire former FBI Director James Comey

2) His role in the crafting of a misleading public statement on the nature of a June 2016 Trump Tower meeting between his son and Russians

3) Trump’s dangling of pardons before grand jury witnesses who might testify against him

4) Pressuring Attorney General Jeff Sessions not to recuse himself from the Russia investigation.

Since the FBI raid on Michael Cohen, Trump has soured on the idea of a sit-down interview with Mueller’s team, according to sources familiar with the situation, but according to the report it really doesn’t matter if Trump sits down with Mueller or now. Mueller has enough to move forward.

I, for one, would pay a year’s salary to be able to watch Trump and Mueller have a conversation, and watch Trump indict himself by perjuring himself within the first 5 minutes of the conversation.

Trump hasn’t taken things well, as he’s blasting Mueller publicly saying, “James Comey illegally leaked classified documents to the press in order to generate a Special Council? Therefore, the Special Council was established based on an illegal act? Really, does everybody know what that means?”

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