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Mueller’s Trump/Russia Scandal Probe Just Turned Into a Murder Investigation Too

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Mueller’s Trump/Russia Scandal Probe Just Turned Into a Murder Investigation Too

There’s a trail of prominent Russians who have died during the course of the Trump-Russia investigation and, of course, they all had direct links to the scandal. Most of the victims have been Russian nationals or Ukrainian nationals, so naturally they weren’t properly investigated. Don’t worry though. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is now investigating at least one of their deaths.

Christopher Steele, former M16 agent and author of the Trump-Russia dossier, just released a new dossier through the New Yorker:

Steele’s already dim view of the Kremlin darkened in November, 2006, when Alexander Litvinenko, a former Russian K.G.B. officer and a Putin critic who had been recruited by M.I.6, suffered an agonizing death in a London hospital, after drinking a cup of tea poisoned with radioactive polonium-210. Moscow had evidently sanctioned a brazen murder in his own country. Steele was put in charge of M.I.6’s investigation. Authorities initially planned to indict one suspect in the murder, but Steele’s investigative work persuaded them to indict a second suspect as well. Nine years later, the U.K.’s official inquiry report was finally released, and it confirmed Steele’s view: the murder was an operation by the F.S.B., and it was “probably approved” by Vladimir Putin.

Deep in the new dossier it is confirmed that Mueller is investigating the death of at least one person. While the victim is not identified, this is a big deal. Special Counsel Robert Mueller would not be investigating this if it wasn’t directly related to the Trump-Russia scandal.

The conspiracy between Trump and the Kremlin reaches further than initially suspected.  This is bigger than the Nixon scandal on several levels. The Trump scandal is the biggest scandal in political history. Mueller clearly has his hands full.

If Mueller finds even a tiny bit of evidence of the mysterious deaths being connected to the Trump-Russia scandal, which he already has if he’s investigating it, it’s possible he could indict Putin, or even Trump. These would be unprecedented moves, but at this point no one should be surprised by anything.

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