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Mulvaney: ‘We Must Take Food From Kids Today To Reduce The Debt For The Unborn’

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Mulvaney: ‘We Must Take Food From Kids Today To Reduce The Debt For The Unborn’

Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney was trying to make a case for Trump’s ridiculous budget by saying that the fiscal interests of unborn children should take precedent over people who are alive today- or at least those who depend on government aid and public schools.

Trump’s proposed budget has over $3.6 TRILLION in cuts to domestic programs like food stamps, education and environmental programs. When pressed about this reality he said:

“What about the standard of living for my grandchildren who aren’t here yet? Who will end up inheriting $30 trillion in debt? Fifty trillion dollars in debt? A hundred trillion dollars? What about their standard — who’s going to pay the bill, Congressman? That’s what this is all about. That’s what this new perspective is. Who is going to pay for all the stuff you just mentioned? Us? Or somebody else? And I suggest to you if it’s important enough to pay, to have, then we need to be paying for it. Because right now, my unborn grandchildren are paying for it, and I think that is morally bankrupt.”

Mulvaney wants us to believe that the $191 billion cut to food assistance and $40 cut to loan forgiveness are sacrifices that are necessary, but he wants us to forget that the wealthy will be getting a tax cut worth over $5.5 TRILLION.

Trump would rather spend $52 billion on the military than make sure that the children of this country receive a proper education, food, or clean oxygen.

These cuts are all supposed to be helping with the national debt, but Politico points out that this “first budget would increase the debt by more than $3 trillion.”

Representative Mark Sanford of South Carolina took the opportunity at last week’s hearing to push reality into the situation. He said, “This budget assumes a Goldilocks economy. And I think that’s a very difficult thing.”

Mulvaney has shown consistently how little he and the Trump administration care about Americans who depend on these services and how much they want to reduce taxes for the wealthy.

His argument about caring for his future unborn grandchildren makes little to no sense when you look at everything they are cutting. Ultimately, they are taking care of the current administration and their closest circles while causing permanent and irreversible damage to America’s environment and citizens.

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