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New indictments just blew a giant hole in Trump’s story he’s been telling to protect himself

Lately, Trumpsters like Rep. Devin Nunes (R. CA) and Fox News’ Judge Jeannine Pirro have been spreading ridiculous conspiracy theories about how the FBI caught former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn on a flimsy “process crime” to force him to cooperate in their investigation of Donald Trump. But new indictments related to the Flynn case blow several holes in those theories.

After the indictment of two of Flynn’s former business associates on Monday, the notion that Michael Flynn is an innocent man who fell victim to shady prosecutors’ sly tricks now seem totally unbelievable.

Aaron Blake with the Washington Post points out that, “The indictment is further evidence that the idea Flynn was just some guy going about his business who waltzed into an FBI trap is fanciful,” writes Blake. “It implicates his own eponymous business in an illegal lobbying operation.”

Additionally, Blake points out that the suspiciousness of Flynn’s op-ed for The Hill published late in the 2016 campaign that echoed the Turkish government’s talking points about Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen — and Flynn wrote it without disclosing that he himself was being paid by the Turkish government.

“This isn’t just about Flynn having lied about his contacts with Russia’s ambassador; there is a pattern of behavior that suggests he wasn’t just some heroic general who misspoke once or twice and has been railroaded,” writes Blake. “At the worst, it suggests someone who was doing quite a bit of double-dealing and saw the need to cover it up by lying repeatedly.”

It keeps happening – every time Trump’s enablers and supporters think they’ve got some example of bias against Trump in the investigations surrounding his presidency, it gets exposed as the exact opposite.

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