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New Leaker Found in The White House, Kellyanne Conway

Donald Trump likes talking about “the leakers.” He uses this term to paint anyone not on his side as some kind of treasonous anti-patriot. Just last week, he tried to divert attention from the damning James Comey testimony to what he believed were leaks of classified memos by Comey. He’s an idiot, of course, as those memos  weren’t classified, because Comey made sure to write them so they wouldn’t be.

If Donald Trump is so very concerned with these leaks, he ought to look a little close to home, like advisor Kellyanne Conway, who was caught leaking details of a private conversation she had with Trump to members of the mainstream media at a party over the weekend.

In the conversation, Conway details a conversation she had with the President in which he mocked James Comey, and also featured her personally making fun of Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

Politico has since confirmed the conversation.

A new Twitter account named @KellyanneLeaks, run anonymously by the reporter who overheard the conversation, describes the situation in detail –  Read the tweets here.

Again, if Trump is more worried about who is leaking sensitive information than he is about the fact that Russia interfered in our democracy, then he ought to look no further than his own administration.

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