New Records Show Trump Already Funneling Tax Dollars To His Kids

Donald Trump, who ran on a platform of non-stop criticism of Hillary Clinton’s alleged corruption, may already be the most corrupt President in history, 8 weeks before he even takes the office.

Buzzfeed filed a Freedom of Information Act request inquiring about Donald Trump’s deal to rehab the old Post Office building in D.C., which he is trying to reopen as a Trump hotel.  It seems there was an attempt to hide where the tax dollars in the deal were headed, and some of the data was blacked out mysteriously.



From Buzzfeed:

Documents won three months ago in response to a FOIA appeal show that during Donald Trump’s re-development of the taxpayer-owned Old Post Office building in downtown D.C. into a luxury hotel, Trump “funneled money to his children through separate companies bearing each of the children’s names, and the document indicates that those companies did not invest money. Nevertheless, their stakes could earn the children a big chunk of any profits generated from the taxpayer-owned site.” BuzzFeed further noted when the story was originally reported in August that despite the fact the building is owned by the public, many of the key documents in the deal were heavily redacted, forcing BuzzFeed to file an appeal.

Trump wants security clearance for his kids, who are running his companies in a fake blind trust, meaning they could use readily available secret information to pocket millions, perhaps billions, of dollars for the Trump family.

We’re about to see a family come into the white house and loot all of America for their own gain. Congrats, America, on electing an entire family of thieves.

H/T New Century Times

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