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New Year’s Eve Video Released of Trump Partying with Mobster/Convicted Felon

Sometimes you run across a news story that you are surprised isn’t a bigger national story. This is one of those stories. Donald Trump was caught on video living it up on New Year’s Eve with convicted felon and mob associate Joseph Cinque, known professionally as “Joey no socks.”

US Uncut explains:
Cinque has longstanding personal and business ties to Donald Trump, some of which were laid out in a Chicago Tribune article in May of 2016. “Joey No Socks” runs a sham organization called the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences (AAHS), which has bestowed its “Five Star Diamond Award” on three of Trump’s hotels — the Mar-a-Logo resort in Palm Beach, the Trump International Hotel in New York City, and the Trump Taj Mahal hotel and casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, which closed permanently last year. The AAHS’ YouTube page shows Trump accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award from the organization on New Years’ Eve:

That’s good ol’ Joey no socks on Trump’s left. Also partying with the Donald were Cinque’s girlfriend, Susan Bender, and Trump’s old crony, labor leader Ed Malloy.

Again from

While most presidents have shied away from working with the mob, Trump has said that in business, working with the mob has always been “an option,” but has yet to admit to doing so. However, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Cay Johnston, who has previously covered Trump for the New York Times, said the reality TV host-turned-President has a shady past involving mob figures.

Trump continued to do business with Joey no socks, even after he was convicted of felony.  Trump’s willingness to work with the mob and how easily influenced (read: weak) he is should really give American’s pause about what this presidency could look like. And it should look scary.


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