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Next Time You Hear The Famous 9/11 Conspiracy, Show Them This Response

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Next Time You Hear The Famous 9/11 Conspiracy, Show Them This Response

Since September 11, 2001, conspiracy theorists in the US have experienced a resurgence that’s probably not been seen since JFK’s assassination.

One of those theories that gained the most traction, though it has been widely and thoroughly debunked already, is that “jet fuel can’t melt steel support beams,” suggesting that something more than the crashing planes caused New York’s Twin Towers to fall.

This week, as another anniversary of that tragic day passes, a video has surfaced over on Reddit from a YouTube account called purgatoryironworks, giving a simple yet conclusive demonstration of why the 9/11 truthers’ favorite conspiracy theory – ‘Jet fuel only burns at 1,500 degrees, and since steel melts at 2,700 degrees, 9/11 was a conspiracy’ – is ridiculous.

After seeing the demonstration, you can clearly see that the conspiracy surrounding 9/11 is, once again, thoroughly debunked, so feel free to direct anyone who says otherwise to this video.

It’s a shame that someone has to take time out of their day to silence the ridiculous conspiracies with a real-world demonstration, but perhaps we have finally heard the last of it….but I doubt it. Some people are just really, really hard-headed.

Kudos to this steel worker who laid it all out there in laymen’s term so that it’s understandable. This is a prime example of simple misinformation getting out there and it doesn’t take long for it to spiral into the biggest lie imaginable.

If more people would be willing to step up and silence idiocy when it shows up, ignorant people would be less likely to spout off nonsense, as they would know it’s likely going to get shot down with actual facts.

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