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North Korea is Now Barack Obama’s Fault, According to Trump

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North Korea is Now Barack Obama’s Fault, According to Trump

Popular vote loser Donald Trump seems to only have one real political strategy: undo everything that Obama did as President. His jealousy and inferiority complex with Obama permeates his entire existence and administration.  In other words, Trump is completely obsessed with Barack Obama.

The obsession runs so deep that no matter what mess Donald Trump creates, no matter what scandal his family or administration is entrenched in, it will always be Obama’s fault.
Case in point: North Korea.
The Washington Journal reports:

Trump decided to retweet one of the most nefarious warmongering neocons of the Bush era, John Bolton, in an extremely unsubtle attempt to blame President Obama for his own mistakes – but he didn’t even have the stones to call him out himself.

It’s true, President Obama did not feel the need to devote a horrendous amount of money towards developing a missile defense shield for the United States mainland for the purpose of deflecting missiles from North Korea, the threat of which he was confident that negotiation and soft power would be enough to deter.

But to blame Obama for the North Korean missile crisis is ridiculous. The North Korean missile program has been in development since the late 1990s.

Of course, if John Bolton would have his way, American soldiers would be dying in the suburbs of Tehran right now. Let’s never forget that.

The United States and North Korea does this little dance every six months or so. North Korea announces some development to their missile program, the United States makes threatening noises, North Korea fires off something, sanctions are leveled, and then the conflict de-escalates and the world goes back to ignoring North Korea for another six months.

Usually, the President of the United States knows better than to push the issue too far – but somehow, we’ve elected a President obsessed with his self-image and driven by a pathological need to be “strong,” and he’s gotten himself bogged down in an international pissing contest with deadly consequences.

Of course, Trump is incapable of taking responsibility for anything he says or does, and so is turning to his favorite scapegoat – President Obama – to excuse his incompetence and his horrendous mistakes.

Dear Congress and Robert Mueller,

Do something. Quickly. Before it’s too late.


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