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Olbermann: Robert Mueller Now Has Enough to Nail Trump with Charges

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Olbermann: Robert Mueller Now Has Enough to Nail Trump with Charges

Political Commentator Keith Olbermann is suggesting that Donald Trump Jr.’s testimony before a Senate Intel Committee should be enough for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to nail popular vote loser Donald Trump with Obstruction of Justice charges.

In one of his viral video segments for GQ, Olberman claimed:

“What we know from the first false Trump Jr. statement in July, the one he [President Trump] either dictated or weighed in on, they were apparently overruled. What Mueller is apparently trying to do with [White House Communications Director Hope Hicks] is similar to what he is doing with White House Counsel McGahn — a crime occurred in real time.”

He continued:

“Trump Jr lied, at least once, about why there was a meeting. He lied at least once about what the meeting was about. He lied about how many people were at the meeting. He lied about everything about the meeting. [Trump attorney Jay] Sekulow lied at least twice about about Trump at least contributing to the writing of the statement. If the Washington Post story about Trump writing the statement is correct, then Huckabee Sanders lied about Trump not dictating it.”

“And Trump himself? Each time he dismissed the meeting as unimportant, he lied,” Olbermann added.

“Every time he declared the Russian scandal a ‘witch hunt’ — he lied. ‘Fake news,’ an ‘excuse made up by Democrats.’ He has lied and lied and lied and lied and lied.”

Watch Keith Olbermann break it all down here…

Olbermann is right: There is enough in Jr.’s testimony to bring the whole thing crashing down. Combine it with all the other evidence that Mueller surely has, and Trump being charged with some sort of obstruction crime becomes a matter of when, not if.

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