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Once Again, Trump’s 4:56am Meltdown Tells Us a Bombshell is About to Hit

If you missed out on Donald Trump’s Monday morning Twitter rant, you mostly missed out on more of the same cries: “Fake News!”

However, don’t let that fool you into looking away. Trust me, it’s definitely worthy of a quick look.

It took Trump 13 minutes to write the next part…

And another 22 minutes to write the next part…

Is this shocking? Of course not. We’ve seen this from Trump several times before, but as is usually the case with rants like these, the timing here is key. How so? Well, typically speaking, it’s almost as if the only time he tweets messages like these is when someone within the media informs him a new bombshell pertaining to one of his scandals is about to drop, so he tries to get ahead of it.

So, with that said…what is the new bombshell, and when will it be dropping exactly? Well, we don’t know for sure just yet, because there weren’t any giveaways in his series of tweets, but based on what has transpired over the last week, we’ll know soon enough.

Just think about it: Democrats have taken control of the House, and are now getting down to business with subpoenas and laying the groundwork for nationally televised hearings into Donald Trump’s scandals. If there were ever a time for the media to release a major story, that time is now. So stay tuned, folks.


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