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Oops…Sean Spicer Makes Major Russia Slip on Live TV, Admits They’re Our “Ally”

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer seems to exist for the sole purpose of communicating the endless stream of bullsh*t coming from the White House and Donald Trump these days.

Lately, the conversation has turned to ISIS and Syria in the wake of last weekends’ events there.  The big question now is what is Trump’s plan for Syria after the nearly pointless missile strike there last week.

Here is what Spicer had to say, which is extremely disturbing, to say the least:

Deescalating the conflict there containing ISIS is the greatest aspect of humanitarian relief that we can provide first and foremost. Secondly, creating areas in which we can work with allies, including Russian, and committing to ensuring that there are places that are free from violence and there are places that are free for people to gather, is another.

Really, Sean?  Interesting. The majority of Americans don’t consider Russia our ally. Did you just let the cat out of the bag and tell us that the current administration does?

Watch video of Spicer’s admission here. Or don’t. We won’t blame you.

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