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Pastor to Trump Voters: “Your Tears Mean Nothing to These Dead Children”

We’ve shared several posts from North Carolina Pastor John Pavlovitz in the past, but it’s been a while, and his latest is too good not to share.

In it, the Pastor calls out Trump supporters for their phony outrage over the atrocities committed by the Assad regime in Syira, when, according to Pavlovitz, they are responsible for creating the culture in which these atrocities are committed.

The post is called, “Crocodile Trumper Tears and Dead Syrian Children”, where Pavlovitz starts with a simple question: Why are you crying, Trump supporter?

“I mean, I know why I’m crying, but I’m just a bit confused. You seem genuinely shocked by the brutality in Syria, truly surprised by the unthinkable horror of it all. You shouldn’t be. You should have seen it coming.

This is merely a few God-awful miles down the track of the “Trump Train.”

It is the cancerous growth of Make America Great Again
of Muslim Travel Bans,
of “bomb the sh*t out of them” tough guy talk,
of religious stereotypes created to rally your base,
of building walls and closing borders,
of “get out of my country,”
of perpetuating the fear of brown people.”

Pavlovitz points out that fact that Trump-supporting Americans weren’t broken up when Muslim families were handcuffed at airports during Trump’s first absurd travel ban, or when Mosques were getting destroyed, or when most of the country begged them help refugees escape EXACTLY the same kind attacks Trump voters were, apparently, so moved by this week. Instead, Trump supporters did nothing but wear their MAGA hats and laugh in our faces.

What we are seeing is the collateral damage of Donald Trump campaign over the last year and a half. Why are you surprised, Trump voter? Stop with the fake tears.

Pavlovitz concludes with this question to Trump voters:

“You want to be outraged in a way that matters, in a way that sticks, in a way that saves other children, in a way that is redemptive?

Be outraged at a President who plays patty-cake with malevolent dictators, who says whatever hateful nonsense comes into his head, who daily murders the truth to justify his misdeeds.

Be outraged at partisan media that insists on manufacturing Muslin monsters for the good Christian folks here to fear and feel righteous in turning away.

Be outraged at the bullies wielding their pulpits and their majority votes like sledgehammers against people of color both here and abroad.

Be outraged at your own laziness and apathy when it comes to looking for the truth and ferreting out what is real and what isn’t.

Be outraged that Donald Trump is lamenting the “poor dead babies,” he once said he would look in the face and tell to go home.

Be outraged that America is becoming as intolerant of diversity as any country on the planet.

Maybe this is a turning point for you. Maybe it is a revelation. Maybe seeing video of quivering, dying toddlers is what it will take to finally make you see that this is what hatred does. Every. Single. Time. This is the only inevitable outcome of people like Donald Trump and his cadre of fear-peddlers, pretending to save the world from the monsters they’ve created just to slay. A unilateral, hastily planned, ill-conceived, and transparently political military strike won’t cover this truth: we’re acting in supposed defense of children we refused sanctuary on our shores, after they were subjected to unspeakable violation in the place we sent them back to.

I’m not interested in your tears unless those tears move you to pushback forcefully against the violence happening in Syria and in Chicago, against terrorists and dictators and religious extremists wherever they do what they do and whatever faith tradition they claim. Yes Assad and Putin are the worst kind of horrible inhumanity and they should be condemned and opposed, but let’s stop pretending we don’t see the similarities here at home—if not in severity, then in spirit.

Be equally outraged at all the horrors human beings inflict upon each other, and then we’ll be grieving over the same tragedy and fighting the same fight.”

Well said, Pastor. Well said indeed.

We need more Christians like you and less like the ones who use Jesus to starve children and start wars. Read Pastor Pavlovitz’s entire post HERE.

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