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Watch Mike Pence Beg Congress Not to Fund Hurricane Relief

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Watch Mike Pence Beg Congress Not to Fund Hurricane Relief

Back before he was Vice President to the clown show that is popular vote loser Donald Trump, and back before he completely destroyed the state of Indiana as its governor, Mike Pence was a member of the House of Representatives, representing the aforementioned Hoosier state.

In that role, he more or less begged his fellow Congresspeople to not fund relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. I’ll bet Mike Pence wishes we all forgot about this:

Pence said:

“Mr. Speaker Katrina breaks my heart.  When I consider it’s tragic aftermath the ancient parable comes to mind ‘and the rains descended and the flood came and the winds blew and beat against the house and it fell with a great crash.’  For most American families when a tree falls on your house, you tend to the wounded, you rebuild and then you figure out how you’re gonna pay for it.  Later today Congress will continue the work of funding the relief and recovery from Hurricane Katrina.  And well we should by speeding more than $50 billion dollars to FEMA & other agencies, but as we tend to the wounded, as we begin to rebuild, let us also do what every other American family would do in like circumstances, and expects this Congress to do. Let’s figure out how we’re gonna pay for it. Congress must ensure that a catastrophe of this nature, does not become a catastrophe of debt for our children & grandchildren.”

Just keep all that in mind in the next few days as Pence and his orange boss discuss what should happen in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

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