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Photos Don’t Lie: Trump Caught with Agent Who Setup Russian Meeting with Jr.

When news broke over the weekend that Donald Trump Jr. met with Russian operatives during the campaign to gather damaging info on Hillary Clinton, his father, President Trump, almost immediately threw him under the bus by denying that he knew of the meetings or had any knowledge of the Russians involved.

This is, as is most of what our President says, complete and utter lies. Donald Trump not only knows the agent that met with Donald Jr., he knows the Russian oligarchs that he represents. Investigative journalist Grant Stern has put the pieces together.

The photos below show Trump with Emin Agalarov and his manager, Rob Goldstone (who put these on Facebook), arranging the Miss Universe Pageant to come to Moscow in 2013.¬† Agalarov’s father Aras is a Russian Oligarch with deep ties to Putin and the Kremlin.

Goldstone told the Washington Post that he arranged the now infamous meeting between the Russia lawyer and Donald Trump Jr.

Here’s Trump with the people he claims not to know:

From Goldstone’s Facebook Post:

And here is Trump tweeting about himself:

I’m sure that Donald Trump will claim it’s all just a coincidence that all these people he clearly knows and associates with are also some of the same people that arranged that meeting with Trump Jr., but it’s looking more and more by the day like daddy Trump may have had as much to do with this as Junior.

Read the rest of the extensive report over at Stern Facts!

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