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Poor Donald Trump Just Got His Feelings Crushed By President Obama

In what is sure to greatly hurt the delicate feelings of our President-Elect, the newest Gallup poll tracking America’s most admired people has Barack Obama more admired than his orangeness.

According to the Washington Post:
Since Gallup began asking Americans the people they admired the most, there’s been a consistent pattern: Whoever was president or president-elect was almost always the man the country admired the most. The most admired woman? Usually someone who had been married to a president.

Only five times has the most admired man in the country not been a president — past, current or elected. And in 2016, the trend continued, with President Obama retaining the title he’s held since 2008.

This news, coming at this moment, will probably be somewhat galling to Trump. Over the weekend, Obama told his former adviser David Axelrod that he believed he could have won in 2016, a claim at which Trump chafed. To lose an admiration contest in the wake of that seems as though it would be particularly frustrating to the president-elect.

Here are some handy charts explaining:




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There is no way that the trend of sitting Presidents being most admired doesn’t change in the next four years, right?  No way Trump ever tops this poll. Ever.

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